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TheBookCompany originated from our own need to read English books. We noticed that finding the right English books in the right edition could sometimes be quite challenging. Of course, there are plenty of web shops, also in the Netherlands where you can buy English books. But where can you find a webshop that helps you find the book you are looking for free of charge?
TheBookCompany sells books from more than 20 different genres. From Romance to Biography and from History to Young Adults. There is an offer for every age.
The great thing about TheBookCompany is that the webshop continues to expand with the books you are looking for. So don’t hesitate to send us an email telling us what you are looking for. And we will immediately start our search for you. As soon as we have found the book you are looking for, we will inform you about the price and delivery time and if you like it, you can order the book via our webshop.
The books can be picked up from us, but of course, we also deliver them via the regular delivery services. We pay a lot of attention to the packaging to guarantee the quality of the books. Each book is carefully packed by hand and provided with protection so that it cannot be damaged in the packaging box. We know how important it is for you to receive an undamaged book.
After all, you are a lover of English books and want the consignment to be handled with care. In this way, we hope to be your English book supplier in a distinctive way. Flexibility with an eye for quality is a very important value for us too which we are happy to commit ourselves. We look forward to helping you and look forward to receiving your order.

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